Somerton Police Department
Welcome to the Somerton Police Department

The Somerton Police Department is a highly professional organization of 15 sworn officers and 9 non-sworn support staff. Our employees are eager to be of service to our community.

The members of the police department are comprised of men and women of high character and integrity that are called to serve our community. We strive to enhance the quality of life in Somerton through partnerships with our citizens, the schools, and the business community.

Through community outreach programs and contacts, we look for every opportunity to promote community involvement. There are many exciting things happening with our police department and the City of Somerton, but at the forefront of our efforts is our law enforcement mission and our commitment to protect and serve our citizens, our schools, our business community, our churches and our visitors to this great city.

The Police Department seeks high-quality men and women to join us in our community service. Through extensive training and development, while utilizing the most modern technology and equipment as possible and practical, our mission is to simply be the best police department in the region. We enjoy outstanding support from our citizens, schools, churches and civic groups.

As the Chief of Police, I appreciate the opportunity to watch, listen and learn from many dedicated community servants, such as council members, the city manager, city department heads, city employees, and members of the Somerton Police Department. Our goal is to work hard and lead your police department in a professional, responsible, and in a progressive direction.

We invite you to become involved in your community. If we partner together we can contribute to the quality of life to make the City of Somerton a great place to live, work and play. I look forward to working with you, our Somerton residents. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Somerton Police Department, contact me via email at or at (928)722-7326.

Araceli Juarez, Chief of Police
Somerton Police Department