Criminal Offenses

Criminal Offenses
If you have been cited for a criminal misdemeanor offense, you must appear at the Somerton Municipal Court on the designated court date and time. At a criminal arraignment, you are advised of the charges pending against you. If you plead guilty or are found guilty, all fines assessed are due on the same day. 
If you choose to plead not guilty, the Court will set a status conference where you will have the opportunity to talk with a City Prosecutor to discuss possible plea negotiations. Be aware that the City Prosecutor is not your attorney and he/she is prohibited from providing you legal advice on how your case should be handled. 

Criminal Arraignment
An arraignment is a court appearance in which you are formally notified of the charges that have been filed against you. There are basically three options:

Plead guilty or no contest to the judge. The judge may pronounce the sentence at that time or schedule sentencing for another day.

Plead not guilty and get a new court date for a status conference.

You may enter into a diversion agreement, if eligible. Diversion means that the State will agree to suspend prosecution for a set period of time and the charge(s) may be dismissed if the diversion requirements are successfully met.