The Somerton Cocopah Fire Department is led by Fire Chief, Paul De Anda. Paul is a lifelong member of the community having been born and raised in Somerton.

Paul served the Somerton Cocopah Fire Department for 12 years from 1982 - 1994. After a 10 year absence, he returned in 2004 and has just completed his 24th year of service to the City of Somerton and the Cocopah Nation.

Chief De Anda, serves under the direction of the City Manager and supervises all divisions of the fire department. Chief De Anda also works closely with the Cocopah Tribe's Administrator.

Contact Information:
Paul De Anda, Fire Chief
PO BOX 638
445 E. Main Street
Somerton, AZ 85350-0638
928-722-7373 Public Safety Facility