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Whether your company is seeking a location with a bottom-line cost competitive environment or a community with a concentration of talent, you will find that the Yuma region provides industries with the best of both worlds. Firms in Yuma have managed to cut costs in multiple areas of their business operation while never sacrificing performance or efficiency. Local government has been proactive in minimizing regulations and fees in concert with the State of Arizona’s reform of its commercial tax codes. Phased-in reductions to on-going business expenses have been the focus of the overhaul which is directly geared to expand economic development growth throughout our great state.

  • Arizona’s Corporate Income Tax will be reduced by nearly 33% by 2017
  • Arizona’s Commercial Property Tax Ratio will be cut by 10% by 2017
  • Five-Year Depreciation Schedules have been increased
  • Sales Factor Ratio’s for multi-state companies has been improved to 100%
  • Arizona has no Business Inventory Tax