City Elections

Mayor and Council
The City Council is a seven-member non-partisan body elected at large by the registered voters of Somerton. The Mayor
is elected for a 4-year term.
City Council Members serve four-year staggered terms with the position of Mayor directly elected by voters. 

The position of Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City. In addition to casting a vote on proposed actions brought before the Council, the Mayor also presides as the chair for Council Meetings. The Mayor is vested with the authority to make recommendations and/or suggestions to the Council for consideration. The Mayor’s signature executes and authenticates actions passed by the City Council. 

The Council Members will choose a Vice Mayor from among their number by majority vote. The Vice Mayor serves at the pleasure of the Council. The Vice Mayor’s terms can be extended after each election. The Vice Mayor serves in the absence or disability of the Mayor.

The seven Council Members (including the Mayor and Vice Mayor) are the elected officers of the City and are vested with corporate powers, which are exercised by ordinance, resolution, order, or motion. 

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